Fratelli Gionchetti brings a hundred years of experience to the table.

Positioned in the European market and specialising in the
creation of libraries, the company is able to find solutions
for any type of environment, with a combination of practicality and elegance.

The greatest difficulty to date in terms of manufacturing lies in blending together the creativity and uniqueness of craftsmanship with the precision and speed which characterise the industrial world. Fratelli Gionchetti takes on the challenge and ensures authentic and solid craftsmanship of its products: drawing on the expertise of a select team of designers in conjunction with the high precision delivered by state-of-the-art machinery, the company is always in step with the times.

What makes us unique


An internal technical department with decades of experience, specialising in the design of libraries and archives


Projects are carried out following the highest quality standards and satisfying every customer need


We develop and implement customised projects, designed ad hoc to meet every need

Solid craftsmanship

All our products are still handcrafted by highly specialised craftspeople

Tailor-made projects.

With the experience accumulated over the years, we are proud today to be able to offer "tailor-made" solutions for every space, taste, need, budget and style. We treat each project as unique and take our customers' satisfaction to heart. From the choice of materials to the choice of colours, there is no limit to the customisations we can offer.

What our customers say about us